Once you have researched Mage Education and have trained your mages to a level you see fit, its probably a good idea to start casting spells with them. There are two spell casting categories, self spells and information gathering spells. These will be discussed at greater length below.

Self Spells

There are a total of 10 self spells in Norron. When you set a mage to cast a self spell, it will boost some part of your production, depending on the spell. Self spells are initially locked, and must be researched through the Spell Casting research area. The spells, in the order they are unlocked, are as follows:

Gefjun's Blessing

Increases your city's population growth rate by 3%.

Divine Learning

Provides your city's hero with 0.5 experience per hour.

Sif's Harvest

Increases your city's food production by 1.5%.

Milling Efficiency

Increases your city's lumber production by 2.5%.

Miner's Strength

Increases your city's iron ore production by 2.5%.

Treasure Hunting

Increases the frequency of finding resources, equipment and scrolls while exploring by 4%.

Freya's Tears

Increases your city's silver production by 1.25%.

Expert Training

Decreases your city's spy and mage training costs by 3%. (Moved to spell #8 from #9 in Age 10)

Mimir's Well

Increases your city's research point production by 1.5%. (Moved to spell #9 from #8 in Age 10)

Hel's Wealth

Increases your city's food, lumber, iron ore, and silver production by 1%.

Information Gathering Spells

These spells are used to discover information about enemy cities. When a mage cast's an info spell, they must rest for 12 hours afterwards, whether they fail the mission or are successful. While the mage is resting he cannot train, cast self spells, or contribute to mage defense. Info spells are not locked, and all of them are available to your mages as soon as your city leaves the Guard. The chances of succeeding with a mage info spell are far greater than using a spy on a spy mission, because a city will almost always have its mages either training or casting a self spell. The info spells available to mages are as follows:

Military Perception

Retrieves basic information about the targeted city's hero and detailed information about the targeted city's troops.

Lay of the Land

Retrieves detailed information about the targeted city's buildings and land.

Spy and Mage Insight

Provides information about the levels of the targeted city's spies and mages, as well as what the targeted city's spies and mages are currently doing.

Adventuring Spirit

Informs you of any quests that the targeted city has completed, as well as what they received for completing those quests.

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