Class bonuses:

- offensive casualties are reduced by 10% if your hero is sent on the invasion
- defensive casualties are reduced by 25% if your hero is at home when your city is invaded
- paladin hero defence always counts towards a city's defence, regardless of whether or not that paladin is at home
- wielding attribute which slightly increases your entire army's offensive and defensive power


Having hero defence even if the hero is out is a very useful feat. A vitality based paladin ("vitaladin") is a popular combination which provides your city with a stable and large (especially in 1st half of an age) base of defensive power. In conjunction with casuality reduction bonuses, paladin focused on one of two "combat" attributes proves to be an effective combat force and booster in the same time.

Paladin are usually most powerful during 1st half of an age and/or when land sizes are small, because strength and vitality attributes have large impact on cities' offensive and defensive power, while most of players' armies still remain small. During 2nd half, this hero class can still grant a large part of city attack or defence potential.


Training both spies and mages is difficult to maintain when it comes to silver income. Because of lack of any economical bonuses, even a well managed paladin is going to have problems with massive troop production during second half of an age.

Hero development advices:

There are several different ways of building a paladin hero. He is commonly used as a part of player's offensive or defensive power or as a massive booster to both of these attributes.

Focusing on strength or vitality is the best way of getting formidable and cheap offensive or defensive power. Some players use some their attribute points gained from few beginning level ups to improve vitalty and then switch to wielding, which allows them to have a good amount of defence for early days, while granting a formidable boost to all military power during the endgame.

General notes on playing Paladin:

If compared to other heroes classes, Paladins give the ability to play some strategies, others cant.

  • The first one is playing Vitaladin, or simply putting all or nearly all your attribute points into vitality. This provides extremely good defense at the first part of the age and allows you to either build alot of unis from the start or to try taking the top spot rather fast to build alot of unis later ;)
  • The other strategy is based on wielding. Wielding is a very powerful stat which is almost useless at the first part of the age. Thats why its usually combined with 150-200 points of knowledge coming first and then putting all your AP's into wielding.
  • Also, strength-Paladin of Thor is almost the only strategy where you may actually use strength attribute. The advantage of Strength-Thor-Paldin is that he makes the best use of all 4 attributes on the equipment.

This paragraph is suitable for Age8, when it was written. oneman.

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