Age 20 Online Calculator

Before this applet is launched you are asked to validate a security certificate. The reason for this is that otherwise it might be impossible to paste text from your clipboard into the various text fields of the applet. However, depending on your web browser, operating system, Java version and JVM-settings of your browser, accepting the certificate might not be needed.

Please remember that every city has at least 1.25 times its land in defence.

The Attack and Defense pannels are straightforward. To use the parser: copy a spy report from Norron and Paste it in the browser, either using Ctrl-V or the 'Paste' button. Then click one of the buttons beneath the textfield to export the information from the spy report(s) to either the Defense- or the Offense-panel. A Barracks Spy-report and a City Spy-report can be parsed together, and the order in which they are put into the textfield does not matter.

For Barracks Spy-reports, make sure you copy the text from "Hero Information" until at least the last line of the Troop Breakdown-section.

For City Spy-reports at least the lines containing "Academies: x (x.xx%)" and "Watch Towers y (y.yy%)" have to be included.

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