General Play Notes

  • Odin requires a very high economy to be successful.
  • Valkyries cost 25,000 Sil 4,000 Ore each, for 40 offensive power/0 defense
  • Odin is a late long term, attacker




There are multiple effective ways to reach the ultimate goal; Tons of Valkyries
Spend all AP's on your 4th Stat.

First 20 days:
Attempt to have 9,000+ DP as you leave OOG, even if this means a few Watch towers
Build as much Refineries as possible, while attempting to stave off the attacks of all the Palaidains.
Gather as much Spearmen as possible.
Use all research to get Discipline 3-5.
Once reaching Discipline 3-5, send Hero on all quests possible.
Train all your spys.

Day 20-40
Continue to train Spearmen
Build all quested land as Universities
Research all 20 mages as fast as possible.
Have all mages in Training.
Strive to keep your DP ahead of the highest pally that is close and able to attack you.

Day 40-60
Strive to get your economy to allow you to train at least 10 Valkyries an hour.
You can explore extra land or just build Valkyries and mop up the struggling cities around you. Use this land to build Homes/ore mines, and a few farms.
Continue to build lots of homes to support building 1000 Spearmen every other day.
Spend research points to get Hel's wealth.
I recommend when your mages attain lvl 40 pull them out of training and begin to cast Hel's wealth.
Silver is more important at this time than 5000+ extra research points an hour imo.
Build as many Valkyries as quick as possible, do not let your silver to pool up, you will become a target for thieves.
remove spys from training.

Day 60-End
Depending on your land rank, build spearmen to save the land you take.
Continue to build as many Valkyries hourly as possible.
Tear down Universities and build Academies to increase your Attack power if your economy has been less then desirable.
If your in danger of continuing to being over come by attackers, Build Watch towers.
If in no danger, build ore mines, homes, and a couple farms.
Continue to cast Hel's wealth with your mages.
Attack attack attack,


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