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There are 2 ways to play AM-Kvasir. One is by the knowledge-wisdom combo strat, other is by the all wisdom strat.

Knowledge-Wisdom Combo Strat

This is probably the easiest way to play kvasir, and probably the one which least depends on his GP. Invest the 1st 150-200 attribute points in knowledge. Also keep in mind that Kvasir gets +2 knowledge per level. Also I would suggest trying for the Eirs Jewel quest at 1700 land as it gives you that +100 AP knowledge staff, which comes in handy (Requires level 32 hero). With this strat, you will try to get off to a fast start, so starting with 100 refineries initial land will not be a bad idea. DO NOT BUILD ANY WATCH TOWERS during the 1st part of the age. Build mainly refineries by day10 slowly start converting some of the new incoming land to universities and keep a minimum of 30% land under unis. Build spearmen for DP, I personally had only 5k scholars the age I played kvasir, and they were a waste and too expensive for me at least, I was getting a 150+k RP production without them. After you get about 150-200 base APs in knowledge, then play wisdom the rest of the age. Playing knowledge early on means you would have to train your mages longer. I would suggest releasing them by day40-45, I feel anything later than that means you lose on one of kvasirs basic research advantages.. SPEED. But nevertheless, you need good mages and spies too. Train your spies till day45-55. The longer, the better. Also, once out of training, mages and spies gain +2xp per hour when not performing any missions. So you should have a high Spy Defense with Kvasir, making hoarding a not-so-useful research. After your research is done, you can start deconstructing all your universities and refineries and start casting HW (refineries silver bonus make a small difference once casting HW hence its better to build more watchtowers at this stage). Explore with the right amount of Treasure Hunting till day 60-70, then explore with HW till the end.
Research should be done similar to this - 2 discipline, 4 mages, 4 spies, 1 disc, 2 mages, 4 spies, 1 disc, 2 mages, 4 spies, 1 disc. At this point, I would do the Spell Research till spell 9 (Mimirs Well). All this should be completed by day35-40. If not means you were lagging behind. At this point you can cast MW (which is a better option since your mages should be stronger than most, and you will be casting MW for a short time). The rest of the important research to be completed would be getting all your 20 spies out, Spells, Resource Stealing (its your choice), sheath, all your exploration research maxed (except Explorers Luck which is not that important), architecture (very important with almost every god), Battle Acuity, Development, employment (important if you have a lot of unfilled jobs), smithing, carpentry. Research such as Battle Prowess and annexation (worthless as you are exploring, and you should try to have a DP good enough that you should not be hit), alchemy, and rest are worthless. Alchemy and the rest of the economic research work similar to refinery bonus and hence its almost a negligible boost to silver production. But if you do have extra Research Points, the there is no harm in investing in a few hoarding as well.

Full Wisdom Strat

This is in my opinion the best way to play Kvasir, as his universities provide a lot of research points. Its similar to the knowledge strat, except of course all your attribute points go into wisdom from the start. Hence it is better to have AS MANY UNIS AS POSSIBLE. Casting MW is a must here. Casting it too late again means not taking advantage of kvasir's speed bonus over other gods. So start casting MW after day30 but before day40 and stop casting MW latest by day46-48. You might release your spies early, as since you stayed low, your economy is probably bad, and hence stealing may be your only source of income. If this is the case, make sure you do have some points in hoarding too as back up. Anyway, your Spy D should be high enough by this time. Running refineries is a waste here. Go watch towers late age, like atleast 40%+. Your income will be high thanks to wisdom and good research, provided your mages are strong. Its a risky way to play kvasir though, as you may find yourself stuck at low lands. But its more powerful surely. I played kvasir this way and it sort of worked. But then knowledge was affected by MW, its not now. And my RP income playing full wisdom was 150+k, casting MW from day32-35 and started exploring by day38-40.

This is the way I would play Kvasir, but then again, it differs from person to person. And some of the above may be wrong too. But I did it similar to that the last time I played AM-kvasir.

- Submitted by Dis Pater



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