General Play Notes

Type: Attacker only, not playable as an explorer.


For the first 30 days, you want to try and get as many universities as possible. With an upper goal of 80% of your land. You may choose to run knowledge in addition to this. This is based on the fact, that your income in the future will be higher than your income today so maximize your income tomorrow.

For days 30-60, depending on how successful you were in the previous 30 days, it is time for you to maximize your economy. This means, running refineries instead of universities in addition to as few watchtowers as possible. The defense requirements by now will be much higher, though because of your +25% from your god, you should be in a better situation than other gods.

For days 60-85, you have to make up for lost land. Your GP should be high enough to make your leviathans close to the best unit in the game.

*Note that leviathans cause extra casualties to boats. The number of extra casualties depend on what % of the OP you sent were made up of leviathans. For example: if you sent 1000 leviathans to someone, they would receive double (100%) the casualties on boats while normal amounts on other non-boat troops. While if they sent 500 leviathans and other troops that make up the OP of 500 leviathans, it would only cause 50% more casualties.


Difficulty: Moderate

You are playing a vitality paladin. Any other option will cause stagnation and a slow death.


Difficulty: Very Hard

You are playing an all knowledge mage, as Jotuns do not get mages.


Difficulty: Moderate

You must maximize your silver revenue for days 60-85, when your success will depend on the strength of your GP and the number of Leviathans you have. Spend your research wisely, remember base citizens (architecture) will give more than lots of alchemy and employment.


Difficulty: Hard

You have the option of a knowledge or thievery hybrid, or pure thievery. Your economy is less of importance, but cannot be forgotten. Maximize your villager space for military units, and expect by the end of the age you are playing 60-70% mods. Train your spies to as high of a level as possible, and use your research to get up to 12 spies as fast as you can, with only discipline having a higher priority. It is not uncommon to train till days 45-60.

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