General Play Notes



With Frigg's increased Population, Villager Growth rate and her small (Yet useful) defensive bonus, it makes her an ideal Archmage.
To get to her fullest potential, it would be wise to invest some points into knowledge, but no more than 150, as you'll still be using universities for the majority of your RP.
But for the beginning, it's best to keep a few things in mind: Keep a low profile, train your Spies (Not Steal Resource if you're going as Archmage) and Mages ASAP, invest in Discipline early, before you gain too many levels and never get ahead of yourself. Archmage works best in the late age, so it's not expected of you to overcome the early game gods right off the bat.

To summarize all that jargon, for the first 40-45 days, you need/Take note of:

  • Research: Spy/Mage Training, Spell Casting, 1-3 Levels of Discipline (Atleast, even though more is useful), Explorer's Intuition and Foresight (Explorer's Luck can be useful if you have a few points you want to use up) and Hoarding. The last will get expensive, so it's not required to Max it out.
  • Handmaidens: Superior to any other troop she can train. 100 Iron Ore less than Spearman, -50% Casualties and take into consideration her -25% Casualties as one of her powers
  • Knowledge/Wisdom: The former is to help you in the first 40 days, and is quite useful to have, but once you begin to convert your Universities into other buildings, it becomes less and less useful. The latter kicks in when you take out your spies.
  • Spies: Plenty of villagers means plenty of silver, added in with a healthy bonus from Refineries and either Freya's Tears (Increase of Silver) or Hel's Wealth (Increase of all four resources), would make you a great target, if it weren't for your high level Spies.

Played by Brabbit, in Age 6, Spider Jerusalem of Transmetropolitan.


A Merchant/Frigg strategy is similiar to the Archmage/Frigg strategy in a few ways, but also has it's differences, and not just in it's 4th Attribute. This is for exploration, not for attacking:

  • Handmaidens: Quite the obvious point, since being Frigg means there is no logical reason to train Spearmen. At 100 Iron Ore less and decreased casualties, it's an ideal troop.
  • Spies: You'll be creating boat-loads of silver, and you'll need to protect it well. Sufficient Spy Defence is critical to prevent others from taking what is yours.
  • Research: Get your Spies and Mages ASAP and send them into training. Getting all of them quickly would let you train them to their potential faster. Even without the Wisdom bonus of an Archmage, your mages will still continue to serve you well.
  • Knowledge/Economics: The former, the same deal with the Archmage. Not too little, that it's useless, but not too much that there wouldn't be enough Attribute points to make Economics effective. Economics will be a great boost to your economy, when added to the bonus from your refineries, Hel's Wealth/Freya's Tears, silver from villagers and inevitably, your Market trading.
  • Exchange: Another bonus on being Merchant is your superior Exchange rate in the market. Since it's boosted by 50%, it means that you can trade excess resources for larger amounts of silver, more so than non-merchant cities.


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