General Play Notes

  • Farms are one of your best friends. Use them well, and they will serve you well. Not only in keeping your villagers and soldiers fed, but providing a powerful income.
  • Hunters will provide a well-needed boost in Food as well as provide a solid defence. It's not essential to have them as your sole defence, but as an explorer it is an option.




Ideal for Exploration

Simple and easy to do. Veterans have said before (And now) that this is/was one of the more forgiving combos out there.

Currently, as of Age 7, Frey's god powers greatly benefit explorers. The +10% to maximum population may not seem like much, but it will benefit in the long run, especially when you put points into Architecture. Farms of Frey give 110/hour as a base rate, 10 higher than normal farms. Factor this into the Hunters that should be trained (5/2, DP/OP), this will produce alot of food. And that is where the Merchant's special abilities come into play.

Most specifically, it's boosted market trade. Being able to sell resources at a 50% better rate than non-merchant cities, this means more silver for your excess food. Not to forget the merchant's economics. Most of your AP should go into this, but not so much that you neglect to put a sufficient amount in Knowledge.

  • Farms and overall food production. An absolute, essential part to playing Frey. This is what makes your economy go, and what helps fund your war efforts. From your farms, Hunters and mages (On Hel's Wealth or Sif's Harvest in this particular scenario), that means even more silver than you would get from Economics, villagers, mages (Hel's Wealth and/or Freya's Tears) and refineries.
  • Research. Atleast 100 points in Knowledge minimum, for it to actually benefit your city. Universities in the first 40 days are nearly as essential as your Farms are when you really get rolling. The absolute essentials are your Mage Training, Spy Training, Spell Casting, Architecture, (Employment is optional), all Exploration-Related research (Explorer's Foresight, Explorer's Intuition and Explorer's Luck. Luck is not as essential as Foresight and Intuition, but is nice to have), a few into Battle Acuity and Development (Not as essential, but it's wise to get a few points into them) and finally, if you can spare the points, a few into Hoarding. Not worth it to max it out, but definitely nice to have.
  • Troops. Your GP are efficient, but if you want, Spearmen wouldn't hurt to have, but they shouldn't outnumber your Hunters later on. They aid your economy as well as provide effective defence. Also note, that they do not need any Iron Ore to train, so it is possible to run completely with Hunters.

*This is how the user Brabbit would play Frey if he went as Frey/Merchant in the most recent age.
Played Frey in Age 1, Farmer of Dantooine and Age 3, Kate Walker of Syberia.


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