How can/do I edit pages?

Read THIS by Arvee. Might help a little.

What can I do if I repeatedly get hit by the same guy?

Stop attacking and build defense. You may add attribute points to your Vitality stat to assist you if needed. Also, please don't send cheater reports for these kind of things. You may find it unsportsmanlike, but its not outside the rules to do so.

What is the population growth rate?

3% of your maximum villager amount, or 6% of your current villager amount, whichever is greater. See here.

What is Networth?

Networth (NW for short) is simply a measure of power in the game - it has no effects. Just about everything in your city adds to your NW: land, troops, buildings, your hero, spies, and mages. The formulae aren't known specifically. When you're looking for a target, someone with high NW and low land isn't a good choice to spy on, but someone with low NW and higher land is worth looking into. There are some exceptions, but you'll learn those as you go.

Do Draugar take up population space? What about Leviathans?

Leviathans take population space. Draugar don't take any population space, and eat no food. All units take up space unless they specifically state that they do not. The only units that don't are the three kinds of boats (Osebergs, Hringhorni and Hjortsprings) and Draugars.

How do I make my spells more powerful?

A level 1 mage casting a spell gives the effect given in the guide. Every 10 extra mage levels adds that effect again (so a level 11 mage provides double the effect in the guide, a level 21 mage provides three times the effect in the guide, and so on). Having multiple mages casting the spells also makes self spells more effective in the way you would expect.

Is XYZ a good god to choose? Or is ZYX better?

Every god has their nuances and particular play styles. It should be fairly obvious which gods are more suited to attacking and which gods are more suited to exploring, and knowing which of these two routes you want to go should eliminate a good chunk of the 15 gods from your selection process entirely. A seasoned player should be able to have a reasonable finish with almost any god. New players are encouraged to try their first age as Frey or Kvasir; these gods are fairly straight forward and forgiving, and will allow you to learn the game mechanics. Don't run a Paladin of Jormungandr on your first age and expect to finish at the top of the heap.

When should I build Watch Towers, and how many should I have?

This is an answer that differs from player top player, but it is generally agreed that you should not run any mods (Watch Towers and Academies) during the Guard, or if you do, very few. As the age progresses, your total amount of mods should increase gradually as well. Finishing the age with anywhere between 10%-40% Watch Towers is common, but Jotun gods will generally use more of them to compensate for their lower economy.

How much more extra boat casualties do Leviathans cause?

The number of extra casualties depend on what % of the OP you sent were made up of leviathans. For example: if you sent 1000 leviathans to someone, they would receive double (100%) the casualties on boats while normal amount of casulaties on other non-boat troops. While if you were to send 500 leviathans + non-leviathan troops that make up the OP of 500 leviathans, you would only cause 50% more casualties on boats.

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