Beta 2

Changes from Beta 1


  • Caps and Light Armor now on average have better modifiers than Helmets and Heavy Armor (similar to how Staves had better modifiers than Swords last age)
  • Items found while attacking are now better than they were last age on average, and items found while exploring are now not quite as good
  • Treasure Hunting has been altered, which hugely affects the quality of equipment finds for explorers; see the "SPELLS CHANGES" section of this post for details.


  • Treasure Hunting now only affects number of items found, not the quality of items found; it also doesn't affect the number of resources in a single find, only how often they are found. Its percentage effectiveness (2%) remains the same.
  • Hod's Fog has been removed from the game
  • Forseti's Sheathe has been removed from the game
  • Thor's Guard has been removed from the game
  • Added the new self spell Gefjun's Blessing: Increases population growth rate by 2%
  • Added the new self spell Expert Training: Reduces spy and mage training costs by 5%
  • Added the new self spell Divine Learning: Hero gets 0.1 XP every hour
  • The new ordering in which the self spells are unlocked is as follows: Gefjun's Blessing, Expert Training, Sif's Harvest, Milling Efficiency, Miner's Strength, Treasure Hunting, Freya's Tears, Mimir's Well, Divine Learning, Hel's Wealth


  • Non-Mimir Jotun gods with an archmage hero can no longer train additional mages. They will still have the archmage's two mages as well as being able to use the archmage hero itself as a mage, but they will not be able to train new mages. Mimir Jotuns are still able to train mages as they could last age though.
  • Baldur's Hringhorni cost increased from 5,500 silver and 1,000 lumber to 7,500 silver and 1,000 lumber
  • Aegir's Osebergs have had their cost changed from 25,000 silver and 3,000 lumber to 5,000 silver and 35,000 lumber
  • Gullveig's maximum population penalty increased to -15% from -10%
  • Gullveig's Pheonices now have 8 offence, up from 7, and cost 4,500 silver, up from 4,000
  • Kvasir's villagers no longer provide him with 0.5 research points per hour
  • Kvasir's mages and spies now receive 2 experience points per hour while idle, up from 1
  • Freya's Draugar now suffer no casualties and have 5 offence, up from 4.5
  • Vanir's Alchemists now produce 2 silver per hour, down from 3 per hour
  • Jotun gods how receive +15% offensive power, up from +10% last age
  • The number of resources that Loki steals on plunder attacks has been reduced by 20%
  • Jormungandr and Aegir now both receive a +5% defensive power bonus
  • Frigg's Handmaidens now have 6 defence, up from 5.5
  • Odin's two spies Huginn and Muninn now require 12 hours to perform a spy mission, down from 24
  • Odin's offensive power bonus has been reduced to +5% from +10%
  • Odin's Valkyries had their silver cost upped to 32,500 from 30,000
  • Mimir's Wizards now have 3 offence and 3 defence, up from 2 and 2
  • Njord's Hjortsprings now gather 5 food per hour, up from 2


  • Wisdom (Archmages' fourth attribute) has been reduced in effectiveness by 25%
  • Thievery (Thieves' fourth attribute) has been reduced in effectiveness by 20%
  • Wielding (Paladins' fourth attribute) has been increased in effectiveness by 25%
  • Economics (Merchants' fourth attribute) has been increased in effectiveness by roughly 50%


  • Some tooltips have been improved in-game to take into account things about your city and display more relevant information
  • Mages now defend against enemy mages similar to how spies defend against enemy spies; they simply have to be at home not doing anything. Thus, the self spell Hod's Fog has been removed from the game (see the "SPELLS CHANGES" section of the changes above for more details about spells changes)
  • Universities now produce 20 research points per hour, down from 25 per hour last age
  • There is now a new research area called "Irrigation" that increases your city's food production by 5% per level. The cost is 75,000 plus 25,000 per level (similar to the other resource-boosting research areas).
  • About 75 new quests have been added to the game, most of which are dependent on the god that you worship (thanks so much to Alouette for your contributions)
  • Some quests now have "epilogues" (that is, after you complete the quest, you will be given a bit more story in your recent news box when you are told that the quest is complete; this epilogue text will also appear on the Completed Quests page)
  • And last but not least, I of course fixed the remainder of the bugs that I've been made aware of
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