Beta 1

Changes from Beta 0

  • Fixed a few more bugs of course, and I will post in the appropriate bugs forum topics
  • The statistics advisor has been fleshed out some more (it now has exploration and equipment statistics)
  • The research tooltips for spell casting and resource stealing now indicate what the next self spell or spy mission to be unlocked is (there is also now a help link beside these two research areas as well, linking to the self spells and spy missions pages of the guide)
  • There is now an "All Mages" option on the self spells page that can be used to switch all mages to a certain spell, no spell, or the spells they are currently casting
  • Most of you closed beta testers probably know about the phenomenon in Mythos and Norron whereby Land and Networth values on the Kingdom Overview page aren't always up-to-date… I have uploaded a script for Norron that will hopefully vastly reduce (if not eliminate) this effect. If it works well and doesn't kill the server, I will be adding the script to Mythos as well. If it kills the server, I will of course be removing the script.

And onto the gameplay-related changes:

  • Equipment found while exploring and attacking now have lower strength, vitality, speed, etc.
  • Hero return times are now always at least 4 hours, regardless of your hero's speed attribute
  • Aegir's god power has been doubled
  • Aegir's retalliation offensive bonus has been doubled to +10% offensive power
  • The protection provided to your city by spies staying at home has been altered a bit (now, on average, keeping spies at home is more effective than it was during the closed beta)
  • Jormungandr's Leviathans have had their base offensive power upped to 18, from 15
  • Many self spells have been reduced in effectiveness:
  • Sif's Harvest now has 1.5% effectiveness, down from 2%
  • Milling Efficiency now has 1.5% effectiveness, down from 2%
  • Miner's Strength now has 1.5% effectiveness, down from 2%
  • Freya's Tears now has 1.5% effectiveness, down from 2%
  • Mimir's Well now has 1.5% effectiveness, down from 2%
  • Treasure Hunting now has 2% effectiveness, down from 2.5%

The Age


Chaos (#8)
Archmage of Baldur
Land: 75,659
Networth: 2,133,893,384
Level: 98

Runner Up

?? (#?) (I can't believe I don't remember my own city info)
Archmage of Kvasir
Land: 60,000
Networth: 22,152,259
Level: 92

Second Runner Up

?? (#?)
Archmage of Baldur
Land: ?
Networth: ?
Level: ?

Top 10


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