Age 9 - 'Quietly in the Night'

Age 9 is called 'Quietly in the Night' and will begin at 12 AM on Tuesday, August 18th, 2009.

Changes from Age 8

Miscellaneous tweaks:

  • Guardians of Light, Warriors of Light, and Alchemists all gives slightly less networth this age than in past ages
  • Knowledge is no longer affected by the spell Mimir's Well

Spy/thieving changes:

  • Spy defence (which depends on the total level of spies currently at home) now in general will be about 10% higher
  • The rightmost column in the kingdom overview page now just tells you whether that player is currently logged in or not, rather than when they last logged in
  • When a thief steals from a non-thief, half of the resources that are stolen via the Thievery skill are now not really stolen — they just appear (similar to how land is generated via the Annexation research area). For example, if a thief last age were to steal 500k silver, 400k of which came from Thievery, then he would still get all 500k silver, but the city that was stolen from would only lose 300k silver.

Quest changes:

  • The Eir's Jewel quests now have minimum land requirements of 1500 and 1700 land, respectively
  • Added 3 new quests to the end of the "Shadow Guild" quest line
  • I'll likely tweak some other quests over the next few days as well — feel free to keep quest suggestions coming

God changes:

  • Spy training for Loki is now 0.5% cheaper per hour (1.5% for archmages and paladins, 1% for thieves and merchants)
  • Tyr's god power is now: +0.4 offense and defense for Guardians and Warriors of Light per 1000 god power
  • The offensive power bonus for being Jotun is now +10%, down from +15%
  • The Wisdom attribute of Archmages now increases by 0.38 per point, up from 0.35
  • Odin now receives +10% offense and defense, up from +5% last age
  • Odin's god power is now: heroes receive +20 to their fourth attribute per 1000 god power
  • Freya's Draugar are now twice as powerful, but you receive half as many of them from casualties. To make this a bit more explicit, Freya's description now reads:
    • Freya
    • God Troop: Draugar (2 defence, 16 offence)
    • +20% offensive power. Heroes of Freya cities are incapable of equipping weapons. 25% of your non-draugr troops that die when you successfully invade another city are brought back to life and re-join your army as draugar when you attack a city that is smaller than yours. When you successfully invade a city that is at least as big as your own, 50% of your casualties re-join your army as draugar. An extra 5% of your dead troops are brought back as draugar per 1,000 god power (to a maximum of 100%).

The Age


Sam (#18)
Merchant of Fenrir
Land: 21,190
Networth: 5,314,098
Level: 64 (217,569 XP)

Runner Up

Sonnenblume (#9)
Thief of Aegir
Land: 12,019
Networth: 4,315,938
Level: 51 (76,790 XP)

Second Runner Up

Never Cry (#18)
Archmage of Baldur
Land: 11,691
Netorth: 2,873,511
Level: 53 (88,789 XP)

Top 10

4. monglan8
Illuminati (#19)

5. oneman
Good for Nothing (#10)

6. Alcibiades
Nuuk (#10)

7. delfy
Herbal Tea (#10)

8. jergal
Steel (#9)

9. b2001xxx
SilverMoon (#12)

10. ghostridah
Santas Little Helper (#6)

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