Age 8 - 'Sangunie Dreams'

Age 8 was called 'Sanguine Dreams' and ran from 12 AM on Monday, May 25th, 2009, until 12 AM on Monday, August 17th, 2009.

Changes from Age 7

Miscellaneous Changes

  • There are 20 kingdoms this age (down from 50)
  • Items can not provide more than 200 points in any one attribute from now on
  • When spies are captured, their return time now depends on how "close" they were to succeeding. If they were really close, they will return in the same amount of time as if they had succeeded. If they didn't come anywhere close to succeeding, they will take 18 hours to return.
  • There is now a 90% chance to find attribute points while hitting someone larger than yourself and a 40% chance to find an attribute point when hitting someone smaller than yourself (it was a 75% chance in both cases in previous ages)
  • Experience gained from successful invasions is the same at low land levels, but increases faster than it used to with land size. It goes up by about 30% at 3k land sizes and by about 50% at 6k land sizes.
  • Experience gained for exploring land is now about 25% higher when you're small (1.5k land and smaller), but it increases less quickly with land now, so it's about 20% less than previous ages when you're at 6k land
  • The item cost formula has been revised so that it is less determined by the offence/defence of the item, and more determined by its attribute point modifiers. Also, item prices will be a bit lower for the really high-end pieces of equipment
  • Academies now house an additional 5 villagers or troops (for a total of 15)
  • Explorer's Foresight now costs 45,000 plus 15,000 research points per level, up from 45,000 plus 10,000 per level
  • Explorer's Intuition now costs 20,000 plus 3,000 research points per level, up from 20,000 plus 2,500 per level
  • There is a new military research area: Annexation.
    • It increases the amount of land gained from successful invasions by 1% per level. Increases the experience gained by your hero if sent on invasion by 2% per level.
    • Cost: 25,000 research points plus 2,500 per level
    • Max Level: 50
    • Note: this research does not effect the amount of land that invaded city loses. So, if a city were to get 100 land from a successful invasion without any points in Annexation, it will get 110 land with 10 points in Annexation, while the invaded city will still lose 100 land.

Hero Changes

  • The knowledge curve has been moved down to (stat)^1.8 down from 5*(stat)^1.5
  • The strength and vitality curves have been scaled back a bit. In particular, the strength and vitality bonuses are now 7*(stat)^1.62, down from 7*(stat)^1.64
  • Archmages's wisdom is now about 10% less effective
  • Thieves' thievery increases the amount of resources stolen by 1% per point, up from 0.95% in last age
  • Paladins start with level 10 Annexation
  • Refineries are 50% more effective for cities with merchant heroes when their hero is at home

God Changes

  • When god power is 2.5k or lower, it behaves the same as it did in previous ages. At higher levels, it grows more slowly
  • Baldur's Hringhorni have had their silver cost increase to 7500, up from 7000
  • Frigg's base population bonus is now 15%, down from 25%
  • Thor's Lightning Riders gain 1.6 offence per 1,000 god power (down from 2 offence per 1,000 god power)
  • Tyr's Guardians of Light have had their iron cost cost reduced to 650, down from 750
  • Fenrir's population bonus has increased to 10%, up from 5%
  • Fenrir's food production now increases by 1% per 250 Wolves in your army
  • Jormungandr's Leviathans gain 3 offence per 1,000 god power, down from 4 offence per 1,000 god power
  • Frey's farm food production now starts at 120 food per farm, up from 110.
  • Gullveig's population penalty of -15% is now only -10%
  • Gullveig's Phoenices have been buffed to: 7500 silver, 0 defence, 12 offence
  • Kvasir heroes gain +2 knowledge per level
  • Njord no longer receives -10% exploration costs
  • Njord's god power effectiveness has dropped to 10% per 1,000 god power, down from 15% per 1,000 god power
  • Njord now receives +10% offensive power
  • Aegir's base offensive power bonus has decreased to 5%, down from 10%
  • Aegir now receives -50% casualties on a retaliation hit, down from -75% last age

The Age


Guardian (#17)
Paladin of Mimir
Land: 13,851
Networth: 3,119,759
Level: 52 (82,082 XP)

Runner Up

ToRa (#19)
Archmage of Kvasir
Land: 13,802
Networth: 4,110,965
Level: 56 (114,671 XP)

Second Runner Up

Dis Pater
House of Draculesti (#3)
Archmage of Kvasir
Land: 12,099
Netorth: 3,230,106
Level: 53 (92,919 XP)

Top 10

4. niu
JT (#12)

5. ghostridah
Sons of Liberty (#9)

6. SouP
I'd Fight Gandhi (#9)

7. bretberger
lost (#12)

8. Logailan
World's End (#9)

9. Vhalember
Vanishing Point (#18)

10. jergal
Destiny (#20)

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