Age 7 - 'Lurking Ambitions'

Age 7 was called 'Lurking Ambitions', and will begin at 12 AM on Tuesday, February 24th, 2008.

Changes from Age 6.

Hero Changes

  • Archmages now act as triple their level rather than double their level when casting spells (really this time)
  • For merchant heroes, training of spies and mages now costs 1.5% of their city's silver production, down from 2%
  • For paladin heroes, wielding now gives 0.13% army power per attribute point, up from 0.125%
  • Strength and vitality are a bit stronger at high levels now. In particular, their exponent has been raised from 1.62 to 1.64


  • The bug regarding thief heroes is now fixed: they now have a success rate that really is based on 3x their level
  • The formula used to determine whether or not a spy succeeds has been completely changed due to the apparent immense dissatisfaction with it. The chance that a spy succeeds (as a proportion between 0 and 1) is now:
    • 1 - (Exp(-(spyLevel/protLevel)^2) / (2*Exp(-1)))
    • Where spyLevel is the level of the spy doing the spying, and protLevel is the level of protection that it shows you as having on your spy training page, and Exp is the exponential function (that is, 2.718 raised to the power of the number within the brackets)
      • I've changed the spy success formula again. Now spy defence is 35% lower than it was in the last age, and the probability of success formula is now:
      • Exp(1-((2*protLevel - spyLevel)/protLevel)^2) / 2

God Changes

  • God power is now affected only by the top 50% (land-wise) of cities
  • The god power formula has now been tweaked a bit too. Not in any particular direction, just a heads-up that it's not the exact same


  • The 10% defence bonus is now a 20% defence bonus
  • Aegir's refineries now also increase lumber production by 4% per 1% of your land that they occupy.


  • Farms now have a base production of 110 food instead of 100. God power remains the same.


  • Phoenices have had their price increased to 6200, up from 5250
  • Phoenices now have 10 offence, up from 9


  • God power gives 4 offensive power to Leviathans per 1k GP, down from 5


  • Wizards now have 4 defence, up from 3.5


  • Starting strength is now 10, down from 25
  • Heroes recieve +1 strength per level
  • Thor no longer begins with 2 levels of Discipline


  • Guardians of Light now have an iron ore cost of 750, down from 1000

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Exploration experience gains have been fixed. Sorry about that, folks.
  • Guild placement (and city placement in general) will hopefully be a bit more even this age.
  • The limit on item quality (by item quality I mean raw power, not anything to do with attribute bonuses) has been tripled. There are a few reasons for this: first, people are reaching raw power item limits about halfway into the age it seems, which is kinda silly (though attribute bonuses continue getting stronger), and also this should fix problems such as strong items mysteriously vanishing from the kingdom marketplace and Njord not finding equipment at high levels.
  • Non-quest equipment finds have been altered slightly: attribute point bonuses from equipment at high levels will be about 10% lower than in previous ages, though this will not affect very low-level equipment
  • Attribute bonuses on equipment are now about 20% lower than in last age at ALL land sizes (not just at high land sizes as I had indicated in my last post)
  • When attacking, finding an item does not prevent you from finding an attribute point, and vice-versa. If you hit someone smaller than yourself, you have a 75% chance of finding one attribute point. If you hit someone larger than yourself, you have a 75% change of finding two attribute points.

The Age


animi (#9)
Archmage of Njord
Land: 21,606
Networth: 5,961,795
Level: 68 (275,027 XP)

Runner Up

Dark Spawn
The Endless Abyss (#1)
Archmage of Njord
Land: 19,203
Networth: 4,576,144
Level: 67 (264,543 XP)

Second Runner Up

Abbey of Thelema (#30)
Archmage of Njord
Land: 16,402
Netorth: 3,945,571
Level: 61 (163,691 XP)

Top 10

4. oneman
Snowball (#30)

5. TigerDawn
Prince of Thralls (#30)

6. MattyJ
Obama-Mania (#14)

7. muttu
Dr.Splelling Miskate (#38)

8. HoldenCaulfield
Wicca (#5)

9. foolishman
Go (#9)

10. Jimbo
Vector (#2)

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