Age 6 - 'Balance of Power'

Age 6 is titled 'Balance of Power'. It will begin at 12 AM, Wednesday, November 26, 2008.

Changes from Age 5.

Hero Changes

  • Archmages now act as triple their level when casting spells (instead of double their level)
  • Thieves now act as triple their level when spying (instead of double their level)
  • Merchant's at-home economy bonus has been boosted to 25% from 20%
  • Paladins that are at home now give a +25% casualty reduction, up from +10%
  • The Strength and Vitality attributes are now less effective at low levels and more effective at high levels. They now obey the following equation:
    • 7*(attribute points)^1.62
  • Hero starting stats have been altered. They will now be as follows:
    • Archmage: 2 strength, 4 vitality, 8 knowledge, 10 wisdom
    • Merchant: 2 strength, 8 vitality, 4 knowledge, 10 economics
    • Paladin: 8 strength, 4 vitality, 2 knowledge, 10 wielding
    • Thief: 5 strength, 5 vitality, 5 knowledge, 10 thievery

God Changes

  • Frey's god power now increases farm food production by 15 per 1,000 GP, down from 20 per 1,000 GP
  • Thor no longer receives 2 free points of Strength per level, and instead starts with 2 levels of Discipline.
  • Mimir's god power has been changed completely so that it now reduces Wizard iron ore costs by 50 per 1,000 GP
  • The iron ore cost of Frigg's handmaidens has been reduced to 400 from 500
  • Fenrir now gets a +5% population bonus
  • Jormungandr's Leviathans now gain 5 offensive power per 1,000 GP, up from 4 last age

Miscellaneous Changes

  • Items only hang around the kingdom marketplace for 72 hours now, down from 7 days
  • Attackers can find 1 to 2 attribute points when attacking now, similar to how explorers can find attribute points when exploring
  • Experience gains from exploration have been tweaked. They are now much higher when your city is small and much lower when your city is large (compared to previous ages).
  • Divine Learning's effectiveness has been doubled
  • Gefjun's Blessing now increases population growth rate by 3%, up from 2% last age
  • Also, I will really really try to get more quests in the game this age. I'll be posting on the suggestions forum a bit over the next couple days.
  • Finally, I'll be doing a bit of advertising this age. Be nice to the newbies ;)
  • The research area "Intelligence" has had its name changed to "Discipline"

The Age


King Cobra (#40)
Archmage of Njord
Land: 15,977
Networth: 4,223,264
Level: 73 (424,422)

Runner Up

Red Spitting Cobra (#40)
Paladin of Jormungandr
Land: 13,361
Networth: 2,556,376
Level: 45 (49,352)

Second Runner Up

Dark Spawn
Hueco Mundo (#3)
Archmage of Njord
Land: 12,251
Netorth: 5,118,953
Level: 70 (340,499)

Top 10

4. Kakutou
Yamata no Orochi (#40)

5. strawberryeggs
Goat Herder (#7)

6. HoldenCaulfield
Wookie Love (#18)

7. Logailan
The Tower (#21)

8. RickBrant
spytrap (#25)

9. morthyr
Sigil (#49)

10. SpaceMonkey
Sandwich (#17)

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