Age 3 - 'Rising from the Ashes'

Age 3 was titled 'Rising from the Ashes' and began at midnight on Saturday, March 1, 2008.

Changes From Age 2


  • Paladin heroes provide their city with defence even if they are not at home
  • The percentage bonus from Leadership has been reduced very slightly from last age
  • Leadership now (in addition to its current functionality) also causes a percentage of your hero's defence to count even when they are not at home
  • The Strength and Vitality attributes are now much more effective at high levels and very slightly weaker at low levels
  • The Merchant's 4th attribute "Economics" is now less effective at high levels than it was last age


  • Njord's Hjortsprings now cost 15,000 silver and 5,000 lumber, changed from 20,000 silver and 2,000 lumber last age
  • Thor's Lightning Riders now have 5 defence, up from 4 last age
  • Thor's Lightning Riders now return from battle in 6 hours, down from 8 hours last age
  • Fenrir's offensive power bonus has been upped to 20% from 15%
  • Aegir's Osebergs now cost 5,000 silver and 26,000 lumber, down from 5,000 silver and 32,000 lumber
  • Jormungandr's defensive power bonus has been upped to 20% from 15%
  • Loki now begins with level 4 Resource Stealing (level 8 if your hero is a thief). Last age, Loki began with level 2 Resource Stealing (level 6 for thieves)
  • Frey cities now start with their farms producing 100 food per hour, down from 125 last age
  • Weapons and armor provide heroes of Tyr with double their normal offence and defence, up from a 50% bonus last age
  • Mimir's Wizards now cost 1,000 silver, 500 iron ore instead of 1,250 silver and 0 iron ore
  • Jotun Cave Giants now have 15 offence and 5 defence, up from 12 offence and 4 defence
  • Warriors of Light now have 8 offence, up from 7.5
  • The iron ore cost for Warriors of Light has been reduced from 1,000 to 750
  • Thor's Lightning Riders now gain 1.5 offence per 1,000 god power, up from 1 offence per 1,000 god power
  • Freya's base Draugar conversion rate is now 55%, down from 70%


  • Some quest items now have modifiers to the hero-specific 4th attribute (in previous ages, no such quest items existed)
  • If you destroy enough buildings that you don't have enough room to house your troops, your excess troops disband. This change is in response to some cities that were destroying large numbers of buildings near the end of this past age
  • Exploration costs have been reduced slightly from last age

The Age


Green Eyed Stranger
Teapot Tempest (#8)
Merchant of Kvasir
Land: 12,181
Networth: 2,286,782
Level: 54

Runner Up

Uncle Ram
~Travincal~ (#38)
Merchant of Kvasir
Land: 12,155
Networth: 2,551,773
Level: 53

Second Runner Up

Park Place (#5)
Paladin of Odin
Land: 10,754
Networth: 3,172,575
Level: 46

Top 10

4. Oceansean
Flea Bitten Poodles (#42)

5. qon'lo
Casa de Muerte (#23)

6. PopVegas
PV (#23)

7. kamath
The Rip Off (#38)

8. Witt
Turmeric (#47)

9. morthyr
Sigil (#15)

10. john1969
Kvasir's Folly (#25)

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