Age 2 - 'Midgard Continues'

Changes from Age 1


  • You now find an item when successfully attacking about 75% of the time. In the past, items were found on about 50% of successful invasions.


  • Njord cities now have a 100% chance of finding an item on a successful invasion (only if their hero is sent on the invasion).
  • Njord's god power now gives +10% item quality when attacking or exploring, rather than +10% chance of finding items.
  • Mimir's Wizards now increase self spell effectiveness by 1% per 300 Wizards, rather than 1% per 200 Wizards.
  • Mimir's Wizards now have 3.5 defence, up from 3 defence.
  • Frey's farms now produce an extra 20 food per farm per hour per 1,000 god power, down from an extra 25 last age.
  • Freya now converts 70% of your casualties on successful invasions into Draugar, up from 50%
  • Freya's Draugar now have 8 offence and 1 defence, instead of 7 offence and 2 defence
  • Kvasir's Scholars have been chaged: now every 2 scholars produce 1 research point per hour, instead of every scholar producing 1 research point per hour.
  • Aegir's Osebergs now cost 32,000 lumber, down from 35,000 lumber last age
  • Thor's Lightning Riders now have 8 offence, up from 7 last age


  • Merchants now receive an extra 20% silver while their hero is home, up from 10% last age.
  • The Merchant attribute Economics is now a bit over 25% more effective than it was last age.
  • Wielding (the Paladin attribute) has been changed. It no longer affects weapon strength, but rather slightly (0.08% per attribute point) increases your entire army's offensive and defensive power. Note that a Paladin's Wielding attribute will be displayed along with the hero's information when retrieving Barracks Spies from now on, as well as when casting Military Perception.


  • Hoarding can now be increased up to level 75 (last age, its maximum level was 50).
  • Intelligence now costs 250,000 research points for its first level, instead of 400,000. The price still increases by 100,000 per level.


  • Divine Learning now provides your hero with 0.25 experience per hour, up from 0.1 experience per hour.
  • Milling Efficiency now increases your city's lumber production by 2.5%, up from 1.5%
  • Miner's Strength now increases your city's iron ore production by 2.5%, up from 1.5%
  • Freya's Tears now increases your city's silver production by 1.25%, down from 1.5%


  • Thieves and spies now steal 2/3 as much as they stole last age


  • Exploration is now more expensive for very large cities than it was in the past. Cities with 3,000 or less acres probably won't notice much of a difference.
  • All known bugs have been fixed. See the Bugs and Errors forum if you would like details.
  • Added a bunch of new quests (thanks for the suggestions, everyone!) and editted quite a few of the existing ones (hopefully for the better)

The Age


Hedgehog Rising (#30)
Merchant of Freya
Land: 11,470
Networth: 4,943,282
Level: 40

Runner Up

French Fried Tator's (#12)
Merchant of Frey
Land: 8,142
Networth: 3,827,576
Level: 42

Second Runner Up

Udopolisâ„¢ (#35)
Merchant of Frey
Land: 7,003
Networth: 3,403,856
Level: 40

Top 10

4. ghostridah
Grom Hellscream (#12)

5. SouP
Kael'thalas (#12)

6. chandy420
Chandyville (#32)

7. brombeer
TMâ„¢ (#35)

8. monglan8
The Excalibur (#12)

9. markay
Skadi's Dog (#12)

10. Oceansean
Drasnia (#41)

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