Age 1 - 'And So It Begins...'

Changes from Beta 3


  • Fenrir's wolves now have 6 offence and 7 defence, up from 5 offence and 6 defence (no price change)
  • Fenrir's offence and defence bonuses have been increased to 15% from 10%
  • Jormungandr now has +15% defence, up from +5%
  • Jormungandr's Leviathans now start with 20 offence, up from 18
  • Aegir's Osebergs now produce 5 lumber per hour
  • Aegir's retalliation offensive power bonus has been doubled to +20% from +10%
  • Freya's Draugar now have 7 offence and 2 defence, instead of 5 offence and 3 defence
  • Freya's offensive power bonus has been doubled to 20% from 10%
  • Odin's Valkyries now cost 25,000 silver and 4,000 iron ore, and have 40 offence
  • Baldur's Hringhorni now cost 1,500 lumber, up from 1,000 lumber


  • Merchant heroes now boost silver production by 10% while at home
  • The attribute Speed has been removed from the game, and the attribute Leadership has taken its place. Leadership causes your hero to earn a small amount of experience from ordering attacks or explorations, even when your hero is not sent on the attack or exploration. For example, if you put 5 attribute points into Leadership, you will see that if you order an attack or exploration and do not send your hero, then they will earn just under 5% of the experience that they would have earned if they were sent on the attack or exploration. The more points you put into Leadership, the higher this percentage becomes, but also the more slowly it grows.


  • Divine Learning is now the 2nd spell learned, and Expert Training is now the 9th spell learned (they switched positions)
  • Expert Training now reduces spy and mage training costs by 3%, down from 5% last age
  • It is now slightly easier to successfully perform spy and mage missions against other cities
  • Spies and mages obtained via Spy or Mage Education used to always start at level 1; this is no longer the case. They now start with (sum of other spy or mage experience divided by 20) experience. Thus, for example, if you have 4 mages at level 50 and train a new mage, it will start at level 10. However, if you have 8 mages at level 50 and train a new mage, it will start at level 20.


  • The research page has been re-done (hopefully for the better). Also, research areas don't all max out at level 10 anymore. There is one research area that maxes out at level 5, and there are some research areas that max out as high as level 100.
  • Almost all of the research areas have been at least slightly altered, so I won't go into details for all of them here; just check the guide instead to see what the new research areas look like. I will point out some major changes and additions though:
  • New research area: Intelligence. Begins with a cost of 400,000 and goes up 100,000 per level. Increases the number of attribute points that you earn when you gain a level by 1. Maximum level: 5. NOTE: This does NOT apply to levels that you have already gained in the past; only levels that you gain after you research this.
  • Architecture has been split into two research areas: Architecture and Employment. See the guide for details.


  • The referral system is gone, sorry guys.
  • Silver accounts are also gone. Gold and Platinum accounts remain, however.
  • The City Overview page now shows how much god power your god has.
  • I've added and tweaked many quests.
  • The market page has been re-done, similar to the Mythos market page.
  • Resource donation has been added to the game: you may only donate resources to cities in your own kingdom, and only to cities that the game considers "in need" of your resources. I won't reveal what exactly makes a city "in need", so that people won't be able to abuse the system. You will receive a small amount of experience for donating resources to another city.

The Age


Where Eagles Dare (#15)
Archmage of Mimir
Land: 18,386
Networth: 6,770,230
Level: 58

Runner Up

Zeratul (#25)
Thief of Kvasir
Land: 13,133
Networth: 5,562,308
Level: 51

Second Runner Up

Back to School (#15)
Archmage of Mimir
Land: 12,292
Networth: 4,256,003
Level: 51

Top 10

4. SouP
Edmund Duke (#25)

5. monglan8
The Holy Grail (#20)

6. Guerrero
Latveria (#20)

7. dadezilla
Vaginitis (#20)

8. weyder
Force of Nature (#20)

9. drakos*
drakos* (#20)

10. bassame
Sonntag (#20)

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