General Play Notes

One of the more difficult parts of playing Aegir is knowing when to start building Osebergs. Osebergs have the advantage of being a space less troop that provides lumber, one of its costs. It has very high offense, good defense and is one of the most expensive troops in the game. This makes the switch to them more difficult when you do it, but since with each Oseberg it is easier to build more of them the earlier the better. I suggest around day 20 when you should hopefully have started getting the development research, or earlier in the case of merchants.

  • Refineries help you to build Osebergs, and later in the round are sometimes better than building more lumber mills.
  • Thieving is your only option to get a boost to your economy later in the age. Train your spies well and put research into this area.
  • Development is a key research as it greatly reduces the cost of Osebergs and buildings.
  • Take the most advantage of retaliation as it provides an amazing offensive boost.


Vitality is your friend when playing a paladin of Aegir. While it is tempting to go strength, because of the bonuses on retaliation to both raw offensive power and offensive casualties you will be able to minimize both your offensive and defensive losses.

  • Take advantage of your defensive capabilities to survive at a higher land size. Use this land to build universities, as you will need more because of your lack of Mimir's well.



Take advantage of Aegir's refineries adding to lumber production. This will allow you both to start building Osebergs earlier, but later in the age you can keep a higher refinery to lumber mill percentage because your existing Osebergs will provide you with a good lumber production for your refineries to enhance. The economics stat along with space less offense should give you a good economy even with needing more spear men than a paladin.

  • Remember that your refineries get a boost when your hero is home and that they also increase your lumber production.


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